DomeSMS help you Boost your business with the power of SMS Messaging DomeSMS is an industry leader in bulk SMS messaging and provides customers with a secure, simple, dependable, high capacity mobile marketing platform.


This easy to use web-based product offers bulk SMS delivery, address book merge functionality, history reporting, bulk imports of contacts and many advanced sending features like targeted sms marketing, online payment system, personalized SMS etc. SMS Text Messaging ensures you reach your target market by contacting them directly on their mobile phone.

A large number of our populations carry a mobile phone and SMS Text Messaging can get your message through quickly and efficiently. This form of communication can be particularly effective when contacting members of a club or society, sales force, event attendees and more. The potential is unlimited.

Getting Started:

In order to use our facilities you will need to create an account. With DomeSMS, You can register and start sending now! Once your account has been activated, you can login with your username & password. Then proceed to "SEND SMS" and reach out to your clients, members, friends etc.


  • Online Phonebook Upload your phone numbers online, so you don't have to keep entering them every time you want to send SMS.


  • Unlimited SMS Recipient Send messages to unlimited number of recipients. You are only limited by your available credit units.


  • GSM Database Market your product & services to over 80 million Nigerians with our Updated GSM Database categorized by full name, State, LGA, Polling unit & gender.


  • Delivery to DND Numbers Deliver your bulk SMS to DND Numbers.


  • Duplicate Number Removal Our SMS portal removes duplicate numbers automatically.


  • Flash SMS Do you want to send sensitive information? Send it as Flash SMS.


  • Unlimited Sender ID Send Customized Bulk SMS with your desired Sender ID.


  • API Integration Connect to our world class API and send messages from your systems/apps


  • Scheduled SMS Schedule messages for later delivery. Set up multiple schedules at a time and let out system do the rest.


  • Upload Contacts in .CSV or. TXT Do you need to upload contacts? You can upload numbers that are in both .CSV or .TXT formats.


  •  Lifetime Bulk SMS Validity Your bulk SMS units do not expire. Buy as much as you want.


  • Buy SMS and Pay Online You can now buy SMS online and pay with your debit/credit card and get credited instantly.





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