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DomeSMS: We help you Boost your business with the power of SMS Messaging DomeSMS is an industry leader in bulk SMS messaging and provides customers with a secure, simple, dependable, high capacity mobile marketing platform.

This easy to use web-based product offers bulk SMS delivery, address book merge functionality, history reporting, bulk imports of contacts and many advanced sending features like targeted sms marketing, online payment system, autoresponder etc. SMS Text Messaging ensures you reach your target market by contacting them directly on their mobile phone.

A large number of our populations carry a mobile phone and SMS Text Messaging can get your message through quickly and efficiently. This form of communication can be particularly effective when contacting members of a club or society, sales force, event attendees and more. The potential is unlimited.

Getting Started:

In order to use our facilities you will need to create an account. With DomeSMS, You can register and start sending now! Once your account has been activated, you can login with your username & password. Then proceed to "SEND SMS" and reach out to your clients, members, friends etc.

Why choose DomeSMS ?

DomeSMS guarantees you the Fastest, Cheapest and most Reliable Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria.

SMS Options – Send Normal SMS Text Messages, send sensitive content as Flash SMS and Deliver your Blog/website URL as WAP SMS to Smart Mobile Users.

Do-Not-Disturb –  Our platform delivers to numbers on the DND  Service.

Here Are Some Rich Features Of our Portal

>> SMS Auto-responder - Premium SMS Auto Responder with up to 10 Automated Scheduled SMS Delivery Set in Hours, Days, Weekly and Monthly for your required Campaign Design Flow.You can create fields like name, email, phone number etc. Add a single message to be delivered at a particular time or load multiple messages to be delivered at different time and date. After which you generate an html code that can be embedded into a web page to create a webform. Whenever this form is filled it delivers the programmed sms at the specify time and date. Marketers can use this feature for follow ups, Churches can use this feature to follow up new coverts etc

>> Personalized SMS - Send SMS with a Personal touch include recipients' names even if you are sending to thousands at the same time

>> API Routing - You can make use any API you desire and you can setup as many Gateway APIs No Restrictions

>> Schedule SMS - Need to send time sensitive SMS you can always schedule it

>> Support Ticketing System - Answer your queries with a ticketing system or simply click on the WhatsApp icon on the bottom right.

>> Vouchers -

>> Coupons - 

>> Online Payment With ATM - Instant Online Payment with your Credit/Debit card for account Auto Crediting, Never Run out of SMS Credits.

>> SMS Options e.g. Plain, Flash or WAP push.

>> Phonebook to store contacts

>> Reserved SMS Functionality - This is a new feature we have innovated into the sms industry. This is because in most cases some users will schedue a message/s for later delivery and then go on to exhuast their sms units. Such that when the time for the scheduled message reach to be delivered it can't fly because there is no available units to push it through. So with this reserved function whenever a message is scheduled the equivalent number of sms needed to deliver it is allocated in the reserved unit showing in the dashboard. Thereby preventing the user to exhuast is sms unit beyond what is allocated to the reserved units.

100% User Friendly

API – Need our API for your Apps/Websites? It is available for FREE

We Offer wide range of services to the following:

  • Political Agencies
  • Commercial Banks
  • Micro-finance Banks
  • Churches
  • Shop owners
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Schools etc.

So what are you waiting for? Create your account Now!

What We Guaranty

  • Simple, reliable, high-speed bulk SMS service
  • 24x7 support
  • No hidden cost – you only pay per SMS

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