You can interface an application, website or system with our messaging gateway by using our very flexible HTTP API connection. Once you're connected, you'll be able to deliver messages.

The following are the features of DomeSMS :

  • Send SMS to single mobile number
  • Send SMS to multiple mobile number(s)
  • Scheduling SMS
  • Send Unicode SMS
  • Send SMS to Group(s) on DomeSMS

Parameters & Examples


Field Name

Field Value

Field Description 

1 user chimuk

The login name for your SMS account on DomeSMS


2 password 123456

The login password for your SMS account on DomeSMS

3 mobile 08012345678, 080xxxxxxxx

The target mobile number(s) separated with Comma

4 senderid wedding

The sender name that will show as from address

5 message hi, happy birthday!

The text message to send to the target mobile number(s)

6 schedule 2016:10:28:14:20:10 This is to schedule the SMS to deliver in future date. The format should be yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss
7 unicode 1 or 2

This is used for send Unicode sms via SMS HTTP API.

Unicode=1 – You can directly send the 

Unicode characters.

Unicode = 2 – You can send Unicode converted as hex 

8 group_id group_id=1,2 Account holder Group(s) on DomeSMS.

This is the API below:


Note: User, password, mobile, senderid and message are mandatory field that must have value for the API to work.

The sender id could be a number or letters or both but can not be more than 11 characters. 

Example 1

https://www.domesms.com/sendsms.php?user=abc&password=xyz&mobile=0801XXXXXXX,0704XXXXXXX&group_id=1,2&senderid=SENDERID OR NAME&message=whatever it is but legal&unicode=1&schedule=yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss

Applying the field values from the table above as example you now have:

https://www.domesms.com/sendsms.php?user=chimuk&password=123456&mobile=08012345678,080xxxxxxxx&group_id=1,2&senderid=wedding&message=hi, happy birthday!&unicode=1&schedule=2016:10:28:14:20:10

If the field values above are to be valid ones ceteris paribus, the message, "hi, happy birthday!" will be delivered to the example mobile numbers and groups (08012345678,080xxxxxxxx&group_id=1,2) inputed above on 2016:10:28:14:20:10.

Example 2 (immediate delivery)

This: https://www.domesms.com/sendsms.php?user=chimuk&password=123456&mobile=08012345678,080xxxxxxxx&group_id=1,2&senderid=Wedding&message=hi, happy birthday!&unicode=1&schedule=

will be delivered immidiately now!

Balance Check


API Response Codes

The following are the various response codes for success and failure:


1111:SUCCESS:SMS Submitted Successfully. (mobilecount=x, creditsused=y)  When all the mobile numbers are accepted for delivery.

1112:SUCCESS:SMS Submitted Successfully. (mobilecount=x, creditsused=y, failedcount=z) When there are few numbers which are not accepted for delivery

1113:SUCCESS:SMS Scheduled Successfully

1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. User cannot be empty

1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Password cannot be empty

1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Mobile or Group id cannot be empty

1001:ERROR:Invalid URL. Message cannot be empty

1005:ERROR:Invalid value in username or password field

1030:ERROR:Account doesn't exist

1010:ERROR:Account expired

1015:ERROR:Your credits are Low

1020:ERROR:Invalid Sender

1040:ERROR:You are not allowed to send Unicode Messages

1050:ERROR:Character count is greater than X

1060:ERROR:Invalid Group id Specified

1070:ERROR:Invalid schedule time

1080:ERROR:Unable to schedule message

1090:ERROR:Unable to send message

1100:ERROR:Message has been waitlisted (mobilecount=x)

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